Nasal Fillers & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Jun 13, 2018


Welcome to Revived Aesthetics, your trusted destination for non-surgical rhinoplasty and nasal fillers in San Francisco. If you have been considering enhancing your nasal appearance without undergoing surgery, we have the perfect solution for you. Our team of experts specializes in safe and effective non-invasive procedures, ensuring natural and stunning results.

The Truths About Nasal Fillers

Nasal fillers have gained immense popularity in recent years as a non-surgical alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. This procedure involves the use of dermal fillers, composed of hyaluronic acid, to reshape and enhance the contours of your nose. Here are some important truths you need to know:

1. Customized Results

At Revived Aesthetics, we believe in personalized care. Our skilled practitioners carefully analyze your facial structure, skin type, and desired outcome to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This ensures that your nasal filler treatment results in a natural-looking nose that perfectly complements your overall facial aesthetics.

2. Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

Nasal fillers offer a non-surgical and non-invasive approach to improving the appearance of your nose. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, there is no need for incisions or prolonged downtime. The procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art clinic, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

3. Immediate Results

One of the major advantages of nasal fillers is that you can experience the benefits right away. Unlike surgical procedures that require time to heal and for the final results to become visible, nasal fillers provide immediate improvements in the shape, symmetry, and overall appearance of your nose.

4. Temporary but Long-Lasting

The effects of nasal fillers are temporary, typically lasting between 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of filler used. This allows you to assess and adjust your results, ensuring absolute satisfaction. If desired, you can choose to maintain your enhanced nasal appearance through regular touch-up treatments.

5. Minimal Discomfort and Risk

Nasal filler injections are generally well-tolerated and associated with minimal discomfort. Our experienced practitioners utilize advanced techniques to minimize any potential side effects or complications. While rare, minor swelling or bruising may occur but typically resolves within a few days.

Myths Debunked

Now that we have explored the truths about nasal fillers, let's debunk some common myths surrounding this innovative procedure:

1. Fillers Make the Nose Look Fake

When performed by skilled professionals, nasal fillers result in natural-looking enhancements. Our experienced team at Revived Aesthetics focuses on delivering subtle improvements that harmonize with your features. We strive for aesthetically pleasing and realistic outcomes, avoiding any unnatural or 'fake' appearance.

2. Nasal Fillers Are Painful

Nasal filler injections are generally well-tolerated and associated with minimal discomfort. Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to reduce any potential pain or discomfort. The majority of our patients report mild sensations during the treatment, which dissipate quickly.

3. The Results Are Permanent

Contrary to popular belief, nasal fillers are temporary and provide reversible results. Should you wish to return to your original appearance or make adjustments, our team can assist you in reversing the effects of the filler. Regular touch-up sessions allow for ongoing maintenance and the opportunity to adapt your results over time.

4. Nasal Fillers Are Only for Correcting Nose Bumps

While nasal fillers can effectively address nose bumps and irregularities, they can also be used to enhance other aspects of your nasal appearance. Whether you desire a refined tip, more symmetrical nostrils, or improved overall shape, nasal fillers offer a versatile solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.


Revived Aesthetics is proud to offer nasal fillers and non-surgical rhinoplasty in San Francisco, providing you with safe and effective alternatives to traditional surgical procedures. With our expertise and commitment to superior patient care, we can help you achieve the nose you've always desired without the need for invasive surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey towards enhanced nasal aesthetics.

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